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Before Tax
Applicant Income Your gross income before-tax, including any bonuses and supplementary income. Property Tax An annual tax levied by the municipality in which your home is located. We have used an estimate based on the average in your province.

Before Tax
Co-Applicant Income Your co-applicant's before-tax gross income. Your combined income will be used to calculate the mortgage you can afford. Condo Fees Condo fees cover common building expenses and maintenance in multi-unit properties. We have used a default estimate of $300.
Heating Costs The total costs associated with heating your home and water. We have used a default estimate based on provincial averages.

Debt Payments

Credit Card The average monthly interest owed on outstanding credit card balances. This does not include the balances themselves, only the interest portion. How much can I afford?
Car Payment Your monthly leasing or financing outlay on any household vehicles.
Loan Expenses Any other monthly loan expenses, such as lines of credit, student loans, alimony or child support.

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